Business Assurance

WTA’s approach starts with analyzing a client’s financial statements. We know the questions to ask and how to formulate your objectives. Consider WTA as a partner that will help you organize, focus, and form your team so that they can start on the road to success. WTA’s primary resource is the diverse, yet specialized, training and experience of our team. Our professionals have experience in industry such as Manufacturing, Construction, Communications, Insurance, Distribution / Transportation, Engineering, Trading, Consulting firm, Retail, Wholesaling and Airlines General Sales Agent , and we have an extensive public accounting experience for our clients.

We offer experience backed by specialized personal development/training. Result-Based Service WTA strives to provide advisory services to our clients that allow them to achieve their business goals. We subscribe to the philosophy of results-based accounting systems in expanding your business. In addition, we work in more focused areas and can assist you by:

  • Preparing Accounting Reports
  • Performing Internal Control
  • Conducting studies and evaluations of existing Procedure and Reporting systems
  • Designing internal control systems to efficiently safeguard company’s assets
  • Range of Services
Accounting Services
  • Compilation of financial statements from source documents
  • Financial statements review and analysis
  • Technical Accounting Advisory
  • Set-up of accounting systems and procedures, training and support
  • Forecast and projections of financial data
  • Agreed-upon-procedure engagements
  • Internal audit assistance
  • Investment advisories that includes support for business registration & compliance
Internal Audit

Internal audit plays a valuable role in providing assurance that key controls are in place and operating effectively so that financial and other corporate risks are managed. Advice on and assistance with the operation of an internal audit service is provided.