Transfer Pricing Services

Transfer pricing services refer to setting up, analysis, documenting, and revising inter-charging revenue and/or costs for transfer of good, services, or use of property (including intangible property) within related parties . Transfer prices are among some of components of an enterprise may be used to reflect allocation of resources or for other purposes.

Transfer prices are significant for both taxpayers and tax administrations because they determine allowable allocated income and expenses in determining taxable profits of associated enterprises in different tax jurisdictions. Transfer Pricing services covers

  • Transfer Pricing Grand Design
  • Global Master Transfer Pricing Files
  • Local Transfer Pricing Documentation Requirements Preparation
  • Extensive Worldwide Benchmarking
  • Advance Pricing Agreement (APA) studies and arrangement
  • Group-Wide Transfer Pricing Risk Assessment studies
  • Cost Sharing studies
  • Merger and Acquisition related transfer pricing studies
  • Arm-length compensation for intermediary finance activities

How Dr. Waty Tjakra & Associates can help you?

Nowadays, transfer pricing is the global issue. Whether it concerns optimization of existing tax structures, harmonization of transfer pricing policies, or just an implementation of new transfer pricing structures, Dr. Waty Tjakra & Associates can assist you onto those transfer pricing issues and even further, to develop tax-efficient structures that enhance legal compliance requirements, rapid audit response, resolve transfer pricing disputes and, nonetheless. decrease transfer pricing exposure in future periods.